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Rule #6: Tow Your Dreams to Reality like a Kitchener Tow Truck Company Tows a Car

It’s been a fair amount of time since we’ve had the pleasure of sharing yet another rule of becoming great. That’s because this busy author has been preoccupied with becoming great himself. Now on this beautiful, sunny Sunday I’d like to share rule #6. This rule was inspired by a conversation I had with a tow truck operator in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. This man is greatly esteemed in his community for being not only a stand-up guy but one of the best tow truck drivers in all of Ontario. He earned his greatness through providing a much-needed service, but this is not the root cause of his greatness.

This rule is similar to rule #2, but is unique and crucial to achieving greatness in its own way: tow your dream!

It’s not enough to blindly serve. To become great one must tow a dream on their shoulder like Columbus towed Jesus on his. To blindly serve one can become great at blindly providing services. To serve with a vision in mind one can become great in accomplishing dreams while also providing a service. If you already provide a service like roadside assistance or lockout key services and this is not part of your lifelong dream, then I invite you take a day off, plan this day well, and do nothing but think. Find a nice place in nature and think until you have a concrete dream that will take a long time to accomplish. For young men, this is a life-long dream. For older men, this is a dream they would like to accomplish before they die. But it’s never too late to start.

tow truck metaphor for following your dream

I chose towing cars as a metaphor for this rule not because it was inspired buy a towing company in Kitchener but because it creates the perfect imagery in the mind to understand this rule completely. How does a tow truck tow a car? Step one is arriving at the roadside scene where the car needs towing assistance. This is a metaphor for first arriving at the conclusion of what your dream is in your mind. Some people arrive to the roadside scene in their early youth, and have a great life of becoming great one step at a time via following their dream. Others arrive at the roadside scene late, and have catching up to do. Whatever your case is, it’s better to arrive sooner than later, and later than not at all.

The second action that takes place in towing a car is hitching the car to the tow truck. My friend from Kitchener informed me that this can actually be the most difficult part of towing, especially if the front end of the car is damaged after a car accident. But there is always a way to get it done, even if it’s so difficult that the operator at first doubts his own ability to get the job done. If at first their is doubt, the reward for succeeding will be greater for there was more to suffer through in order to complete the errand. Hitching a car with a tow truck is a metaphor for taking the first half dozen steps to getting your dream off the ground. The first half dozen steps are mostly always the most difficult. This is because you have yet to get the ball rolling so to speak and lack of experience means doubt and uncertainty as what to do next. But once you get that ball rolling, once you have the car hitched and lifted off the ground, once you have those first crucial steps in heading toward the realization of your dream complete, it only gets easier from here.

The third step in towing a car is actually travelling to your destination. This is the journey of life. This is the joy of seeing your dream come closer and closer to coming true. Of course, bumps on the road will make things difficult, but with perseverance these bumpy roads are only temporary, and you cannot become great if you give up when things get hard. Once your car is hitched, not all is smooth sailing. One must keep an eye on the road before you yourself are in need of roadside assistance services and emergency towing. Stop to smell the flowers if you please, but don’t smell the flowers for too long lest you look back to see that in your absence the car you were towing got unhitched and you must start all over again.

The fourth and final step in towing a car is arriving at your destination and getting paid for your hard work. The harder the job was, the more you will be paid, and the further your destination was the more rewarding your success will be. Towing a car for one block will have its reward, but it is a meager amount compared to towing a car across all of Ontario. Arriving at your destination as a tow truck driver is a metaphor for seeing your dreams manifest, and this is what makes all the suffering finally worthwhile, unless, of course, you had the wisdom to smell the flowers along the way. In that case, the journey was the reward, and now you finally can appreciate it for what it was. Suffering is the key to happiness like darkness is the key to light.

I hope these metaphors helped you to understand this wonderful rule #6 for the Art of Achieving Greatness. I want to say thank you again to my dear friend who shared the wonderful truth that tow truck Kitchener Ontario services can provide. Without his insight, perhaps I would never have had the chance to observe this crucial rule in my own mind.

Thank you for coming back and stay tuned for rule #7!