The Art

learning to be great

What is the Art of Becoming Great?

No matter what profession you’re pursuing, there is a difference between learning it and becoming great at it. This blog is all about sharing resources to inspire people in every walk of life to become great.

Wallace Wattles wrote on the science of becoming great, and I pay immense heed to his brilliant rules and realizations. No person becomes great by going about doing great things. They go about doing great things by first becoming great.

Are you looking for greatness in your career? If you are, stay tuned because this blog has many things to share on the topic.

Becoming great can take a year or a lifetime. It all depends on what you want to be great at. Do you want to be great at tying a knot? Or how about at playing the drums? Perhaps you want to become great at persuading or hitting a nail with a hammer. Some careers require you to become great at multiple things. For example, a military commander, for optimal success in battle, must first become a great soldier before he or she can become a great leader.

This page will not run through the entire art of becoming great, but over time the accumulating blog posts here will start to paint a picture and eventually draw out a blue print for the one and most important art for any dreamer–the Art of Becoming Great!

What does “great” actually mean, though?

Being good or excellent at something simply means you’re above average. But greatness is one step further. Every generation only sees so many great people. Not everyone will become great at something, but we’re all good at something. To become great means you are at the top rung of the ladder in the world for whatever it is you’re doing. Becoming great is the ultimate success. People like Jim Carrey, Jackie Chan and Winston Churchill have become great. The competitors they overshadowed remained good. History will always remember those who have become great, especially those who have become the greatest. But history is cruel to those who simply remain in the good books.

To become great, people sacrifice fun, sacrifice family, sacrifice everything but the pursuit of greatness, and in the end it’s worth it!