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Rule #3: Work Hard like An Appliance Repair Mechanic

Here at Stephen’s Resources we share tips on how to reach greatness and become one of the greats. Normally I like to give examples, and today we have a great example for rule number three. I was originally just going to call this rule “work hard” but I have a friend in the city of Vancouver, BC, who has become one of the greatest appliance repair mechanics in all of Canada and I would like to use him as our paragon for teaching this valuable lesson.

The reasons appliance repair is a great example of working hard is because for most people it’s a job they don’t want to do. Doing the job you don’t feel like doing is one of the things the greats have mastered, as often they choose a profession they love but every profession has aspects that we’d all rather delegate to someone else. For an appliance repair mechanic like my friend in Vancouver, BC, to work hard means to bend your body over into uncomfortable positions and get your hands greasy in tight spaces. To do a fridge repair service or an oven repair service requires experience, too, and that in itself requires a lot of hard work to obtain.

We can learn a lot by studying the appliance repair service industry and glean valuable insights into greatness from this humble discipline. My friend is the utmost paragon for this lesson because he wakes up at 5 AM every single day in Vancouver, BC, and always does so with excitement to work hard. If we did that in our own fields then we’d surely be working closer toward greatness as we put one foot in front of the other with consistency every day.

Another thing we can take from this is working later into the evening, as often my appliance repair friend will have to work a twelve hour day most days of the week, even some weekends, in order to get certain washers and dryers working again. He does this, however, without a drop of complaint because he knows he’s doing a great service and the rewards will surely pay. Working hard like a Vancouver appliance repairman is something we must visualize ourselves doing. If you want to be the next big great actor of your century but you can’t even work as hard a lowly appliance mechanic fixing domestic dishwashers then how do you suppose you’re going to become great? By pure luck?

With that mentioned, now consider these other areas in an appliance mechanic’s life that we can steal inspiration from:

  1. Willing to get your hands dirty.
  2. Willing to work with people you may not like.
  3. Willing to work the extra mile in order to get a certain service done on time.
  4. Willing to make sacrifices in other areas of your life in order to become great at something.
  5. Willing to learn all the ins and outs of your trade over multiple decades.
  6. Willing to keep up with new innovations in your industry.

All these things come in lockstep with working hard, and we must remember that working hard doesn’t mean working fast and haphazardly. Working hard more so means working effectively and efficiently so that you get more out of each hour. Working slow is more similar to working hard than working fast. And my appliance repair mechanic can prove that. All you got to do is watch him for five minutes while he’s repairing a gas stove. He needs to work slow so that he makes sure no mistakes are made and he needs to work safely because his reputation and job is on the line with every customer he serves.

So keep this in mind next time you realize you haven’t been working hard enough lately. I’ll say it one more time just to drive the importance of this third rule for greatness a little deeper:

If you want to be the next big star in your field of interest but you can’t even work as hard as a meek appliance repair mechanic in Vancouver, BC, then how well do you suppose this is going to go for you? Seriously consider that and then look at how hard your competition is working because there’s a good chance there’s people out there with the same dream as you who have less talent but they’re working nearly twice as hard as an appliance repairman.

Indeed, we have a lot of work to do! So get to it!