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Rule #5: Understand What Greatness Is

If our goal is to become one of the greats who lives on throughout future history, we must first understand what greatness is. Great people do not boast of being great. They earn it. Most of what I know about greatness comes from Wallace Wattles’ and his book The Science of Being Great. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants an in depth overview of all that must take place to become great at a scientific level. But before you read that book I’ll give you a brief summary of what I took away from it:

Summary of the Becoming Great and what that Means

  1. A great person does not do great things in a small way.
  2. A great person does small things in a great way.
  3. Great people do not do things to make people think they’re great.
  4. Great people do great things and then people think they’re great.

There is a lot more in the book of course but to me this is the essence and the theme. When you go about doing small things in a great way, the great things you do will be greater. The reason why you do things is important, too. You cannot become great if when you should be harnessing your skills and becoming great you are actually doing great things in a small way. Doing great things in a small way is not taking them seriously, perhaps rushing or putting no love into your results. Doing something quickly for money will not make you great. Doing something greatly through mastership will create great results.

Think and understand what greatness really is, so you can strive to achieve it.