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Rule #4: Be Dependent On No One But Yourself

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The other day I made a bold statement with rule # 3. Now, today, I got a new rule for you folks. Before I begin I should warn you that these rules for achieving greatness may never end and as far as us humans know there may be an infinite amount of them, so expect many, many more!

Sometimes we have to be dependent on others for certain things, like our employers for work (when we’re not working for ourselves quite yet) or the mechanic for fixing our car, but when it comes to achieving greatness at your passion the only person to blame for success or failure is you, no excuses!

For instance, if you blame your lack of motivation on your neighbor for playing loud music all night then that’s still your fault because there are hundreds of things you can do to solve that problem. I know this problem well (heard my neighbors having sex last night) and all I did was turn my alarm clock radio on to a setting that was static so it made white noise that overpowered their moaning and I was able to fall asleep again within a few minutes.

So if you’re on a path to achieve greatness, remember this rule. No one is to blame for your failure but you, but that also means that when you reach success you deserve to feel satisfied because it was all up to you and you did it! Jordan Peterson talks about climbing a mountain with responsibility on your back as the meaning of life, and I couldn’t agree more because it relates to this all-important rule. For your success of reaching greatness, you must understand that no one else is going to do it for you. You must be dependent on no one but you, no matter what!

When it’s your turn to shine you’ll know you deserve it because you struggled up that mountain with all the responsibility of reaching your dream and all your success is yours. Now I know what some of you might say. Some people owe a lot of their success to others like politicians who get ill and see their wife go on campaign in their lieu but at the end of the day you should still be able to reach that height of glory and fame on your own, and that little bit of help wasn’t what you were depending on.

Study this great rule for greatness because it’s mentioned in many sources and you’ll hear people say it often. Best of luck out there!