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Rule #2: Envision the “End Results”

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For the first rule of achieving greatness we talked about avoiding people who are content with plateauing in life. It’s true that even the most bravest of heroes must accept death, but this doesn’t mean we need to be content with plateauing or dragging behind the greatest of the greats, too.

Today, for the second rule, I want to talk about envisaging the end results of your life long goal, not just once but everyday and as much as possible. It’s true that envisaging our end results can lead to dissatisfaction if we don’t reach them, but dissatisfaction is harmless and is actually a creative state. It’s also true that we may overshoot the mark by setting unrealistic goals and also limit ourselves and our potential by setting easy goals, but the important thing is that we know what we want.

What is the whole reason we’re putting ourselves through the stress of becoming great? It’s not just about becoming great. People who become great do great things, and that’s the point. We want to transcend our life by being remembered for who we were and what we have done. So what is it that you want to do? What are the end results that will last after you are gone from Planet Earth?

A great example of seeing the end results of a life-long goal is a hockey player who wants to set new records that no one can beat. Even after he is dead, people will be reading his name on a list of hockey players and his will be at the top for the record of the most goals scored in a single NHL game. Not only does he see the completion of his goal to set the new record, he also sees the results of this goal as people will always remember him for being one of the greats who defined new limits for what a hockey player can do.

It’s important to see the end results that you want because there’s no other way you can get them. If you don’t decide what you want, the universe will decide for you and it may be similar to what you might have wanted or it might be something completely different. So make the decision… What will your end results look like? Don’t give up until they exist in the real world. This is the only way.