Rule #8: Defeat Yourself to Win

tips for success

Rule number eight in the art of achieving greatness is understanding and applying the understanding of knowing that you are your greatest enemy. To win at anything, even in a competition against other runners, you have to defeat yourself first.

Every time you get up and out of the house to accomplish something, the most powerful thing that could ever hold you back is the voice in your own head. Even if strangers are looking at you and saying “you are going to fail” but you ignore them and tell yourself “you are going to succeed” then you can surely succeed. Even simply listening to people who have no faith in you is a choice that YOU must make. You are the one who decides to listen or ignore people.

So whatever it is you’re setting out to be great at, please understand that the most powerful force in the universe that can stop you is YOU! Defeat yourself, smack yourself across the face and tell that negative voice inside your head to shut up, and you can do anything!

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