Rule #10: Know Your Dark Place, Stay Wary


We all have those good places we like to be with our lives. Whether it’s making sure you read and go to the gym regularly or working the hours you know you’re capable of, that sweet spot is where happiness comes from. But it’s impossible to have a good place like that without having a dark place. Your dark place is where happiness is hard to find and depression takes over. For me it’s when I sleep in and don’t go to the gym three times a week. I feel unaccomplished and lazy and it’s hard to smile at the end of the day knowing I’ve been slacking. For others their dark place is more serious and can include addiction.

If you’re aware of your dark place, then you might also be aware of the gates that lead to it. For someone who used to suffer from video game addiction, smoking weed could be a gateway that will lead them back to their dark place and ruin years of progress. For someone who’s dark place is cheating on their wife, going out on boys’ night could be the gateway that gets them back on the downward spiral. So this rule is to stay wary of those gateways, and to have self-control when you know one of those gates is approaching.

The Christmas holidays gets many people back into their dark places, but I believe if you know your dark place, its gateways and use a bit of self-control and stay wary, that you can avoid entering any depressive states this season, and continue to be where you like seeing yourself. With much love, I hope you the greatest success with this important rule. Know your dark place!

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