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Rule #9: Trim Off The Bad Habits Like a Tree Service Expert Trims a Hedge

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One of my most beautiful metaphors for seeing what a fully developed, great individual looks like is a topiary hedge trimmed by a true tree service professional. Why? This is because the hedge was once a wild bush and it took a mind to look at it and say “this is what you’ll become.” Just like how a person shapes themselves to become the person they want to be, a tree service expert patiently trims the bush to shape it into the art it must become. But how do you do this? Ah, you do it by trimming away your unwanted leaves and branches, or in other words by trimming away the things you don’t want in your life, like bad habits most of all.

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tree service metaphor for trimming off bad habits

3 More Success Metaphors For Tree Services

  1. Just like a person trying to change their habits, a tree service expert must choose the right tools for the job, like hedge trimmers and chainsaws to cut away those unwanted things.
  2. The greater you want to become, the taller the ladder you need, because to trim the leaves of a great tree you need to go higher!
  3. To create something beautiful out of something ugly, like carving a swan out of a scraggly bush with trimmers, you need to look up. In other words, a tree service expert never looks at their feet when they’re trying to do something great…

These metaphors are designed to help us understand more easily what’s really required in becoming great. Bad habits can range from anything to sleeping in or drinking too much wine at night and we must see these bad habits as unwanted leaves and branches. We must envision the better thing we want to become before we go ahead and start trimming.

I really never thought of these amazing metaphors until I caught up with an old friend who works for a tree service Winnipeg company. She’s been providing professional tree services in Winnipeg for nearly two decades now and when I asked her how she became so great at it, she replied by saying, “I had to learn to shape myself just like I shape a tree with my clippers.”

That really got me thinking, and I think she’ll be glad to see this post when I share it with her. But before you go away believing you really understand the importance of trimming off your bad habits, please stress the truth that you must picture the end results! A tree trimmer doesn’t go ahead and start cutting branches before she knows what her end result should look like. If every tree service worker did that then all the pretty royal hedges in the gardens would look like messes! So before you start cutting away habits it’s best to know what your goal is. What are you going to replace those bad habits with and what will you look like after you succeed? Only you can answer that question, and it’s best to do it sooner than later.

Good luck on your journey to reaching greatness!